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Company - GEBAUER - Okna Drewniane | Drzwi Drewniane | Okiennice Wewnętrzne i Zewnętrzne | Ogrody Zimowe | Zabudowy Tarasów

The beginnings of Gebauer date back already to 1983. It was when a carpenter's workshop was established in Tarnów Opolski. The company not was big, but strongly based on solid, reliable and many-generations-long craft traditions. Soon these attributes started to yield benefits, in consequence resulting in the fast and resilient development, which, in turn, over the two decades, has transformed the plant into a modern company employing a few dozen employees and cooperating with numerous  known and renowned contractors as well as professional installation companies.

The systematic development has allowed us to become a significant wooden woodwork manufacturer in the industry at the present moment. Our strength is based on careful selection of raw materials, high-quality production process and long-term experience.

Our offer includes necessary woodwork products essential to equip the whole house, e.g. windows, doors, windowsills, shutters, winter gardens and other.

The greatest advantage of the enterprise is the ability to make non-standard woodwork, i.e. perfectly adapted to the customer's individual needs, offering practically any shape of windows and doors and perfect, high quality. This fact also provides architects with unlimited ability to shape the architectonic forms of buildings and interior designs.
When each owner has almost unlimited privilege to decide about the looks of their house, we rise to the challenge and offer unlimited possibilities of producing woodwork with rich design, in any shape, size and function. In modern or historical style.

For us, the high quality maintained at every stage of production and distribution is first of all the basic right of our clients.
Therefore, we offer you both products created using European solutions as well as comprehensive and professional service, from consultation services, professional consulting, quantity survey and specialized transport – on the territory of the whole country, professional installation, to warranty and post-warranty service.

We guarantee that our efforts are reflected in high standard products and at reasonable prices. We also assure you that our products guarantee high comfort of use for many years.
Therefore, we invite you to discover our offer and look through our most recent novelties as well as exceptionally renowned, flagship products that we exhibit in the exhibition building in Tarnów Opolski. For your convenience, we also encourage you to use services of our representative offices across the country.

According to the old saying "God created the world – the construction men did the rest". We hope that despite difficult choices, you will become familiar with our company's offer and join the group of our permanent, satisfied customers. And on our part, we will make every effort in order for you to say. 

You are warmly welcome