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Wooden window sills - GEBAUER - Okna Drewniane | Drzwi Drewniane | Okiennice Wewnętrzne i Zewnętrzne | Ogrody Zimowe | Zabudowy Tarasów

Gebauer offers a wide range of internal wooden windowsills adjusted to the color of the windows and doors. 

Windowsills can be made of pine, meranti or oak wood. Windowsills to the depth of 30 cm are made of glued laminated wood. Above 30 cm to the depth of 50 cm, the windowsills are made of 16 mm thick plywood and the so-called "nose" is attached. The thickness of windowsills is 3 cm. 

It is possible to apply various types of finishing edges and corners to the windowsills through milling and rounding.