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Windows Classic LUX 68 - GEBAUER - Okna Drewniane | Drzwi Drewniane | Okiennice Wewnętrzne i Zewnętrzne | Ogrody Zimowe | Zabudowy Tarasów

Wooden windows 68 mm

Good quality, low price, selected timber, glued to the thickness of 68mm, max. 32mm pane package, window heat-transfer coefficient Uw=1.20

okna drewniane okna drewniane okna drewniane


Window standard Classic LUX 68

Classic LUX frame:

  • Classic LUX 68 profile
  • glued laminated wood of 3 layers
  • solid outer layer of wood (possibility of micro-implant connection for lengths over 2,5 m)
  • dimensions: 68 mm x 82 mm
  • milling for window sills: external and internal

Classic LUX wing:

  • glued laminated wood of 3 layers
  • three-layer glued wood – solid outer layer of 68 mm x 82 mm (possibility of micro-implant connection for lengths over 2,5 m)
  • balcony casements - crossbar, expansion of the lower frame by 82 mm (also with coffers)

Vertical bar:

  • fixed or flexible


  • multi-point lock ROTO NT
  • burglary protection function "WK-0" (2 anti-burglary catches)
  • micro ventilation
  • handle lock
  • ROTO covers for hinges in the handle color


  • window handle Roto model Samba, color: white, silver R01.1, brass matt R 03.1, brown (olive green) R 05.5, grey-brown R 04.1, titanium matt R01.3


  • acrylic paints, according to Gebauer pallet
  • white color RAL 9016

Fillings, panes (pane package 24-31.3 mm):

  • package 4/16/4LE with heat-transfer coefficient U= 1.1 W/(m2K)
  • Swisspacer warm frame, color: white, black, brown, light brown, light grey, dark grey

Frame drip and wing drip:

  • aluminum ALURON, finished with slanted caps from flexible rubber mass
  • color: white, dark brown, olive green, silver

Maximum wing dimensions:

  • according to fittings and panes diagram


  • grooved seal in colors: white, brown, gray


  • neutral silicone, sealing glass notch: white, transparent, teak, palisander - matched to the color of woodwork
  • colourless silicone for RAL color woodwork

Balcony threshold

  • high window or low aluminium silver