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Windows Passiv LUX 92 - GEBAUER - Okna Drewniane | Drzwi Drewniane | Okiennice Wewnętrzne i Zewnętrzne | Ogrody Zimowe | Zabudowy Tarasów

Wooden windows 92 mm

Excellent parameters for demanding customers, selected timber, glued to the thickness of 92mm, pane package max. 49mm

okna drewniane okna drewniane

Window standard Passiv LUX 92

Passiv LUX frame:

  • Passiv LUX 92 profile
  • glued laminated wood of 4 layers
  • solid outer layer of wood (possibility of micro-implant connection for lengths over 2,5 m)
  • dimensions: 92 mm x 82 mm
  • milling for window sills: external and internal

Passiv LUX wing:

  • glued laminated wood of 4 layers
  • three-layer glued wood – solid outer layer of 92 mm x 82 mm (possibility of micro-implant connection for lengths over 2,5 m)
  • balcony casements - crossbar, expansion of the lower frame by 82 mm (also with coffers)

Vertical bar:

  • fixed or flexible


  • multi-point lock ROTO NT
  • burglary protection function "WK-0" (2 anti-burglary catches)
  • micro ventilation
  • handle lock
  • ROTO covers for hinges in the handle color


  • window handle Roto model Samba, color: white, silver R01.1, brass matt R 03.1, brown (olive green) R 05.5, grey-brown R 04.1, titanium matt R01.3


  • acrylic paints, according to Gebauer pallet
  • white color RAL 9016

Fillings, panes (pane package 46-49,5 mm):

  • package 4LE/18/4/16/4LE with heat-transfer coefficient U= 0,6 W/(m2K)
  • 2 Swisspacer warm frames, color: white, black, brown, light brown, light grey, dark grey

Frame drip and wing drip:

  • aluminum ALURON, finished with slanted caps from flexible rubber mass
  • color: white, dark brown, olive green, silver

Maximum wing dimensions:

  • according to fittings and panes diagram


  • grooved seal in colors: white, brown, gray
  • pad seal
  • thermal drip cap seal (at connection with wing)


  • neutral silicone, sealing glass notch: white, transparent, teak, palisander - matched to the color of woodwork
  • colourless silicone for RAL color woodwork

Balcony threshold

  • high window or low aluminium silver